Social Media Policy


    SFERA Professionisti Associati (hereafter also referred as ” SFERA”) uses some social media and instant messaging services for digital communication purposes, to inform users about new initiatives and services offered by SFERA.Below are the official SFERA profiles/pages on social media and instant messaging services:Linkedin (link page)
    Facebook (link page)
    Any other social or messaging profiles that may appear as referred to SFERA are not managed by SFERA.

    SFERA’s social media profiles are managed by SFERA’s internal staff with the help of E Solution Group S.r.l. consultants. Instant messaging profiles are managed by SFERA’s secretary.

    No prior moderation is planned. For this reason, SFERA asks users who interact with its social channels to respect some simple but important rules:

    • Express your opinion politely, correctly, respectfully and using appropriate language. Insults, vulgarity, offenses, threats and, in general, violent, or defamatory attitudes and behaviours are not tolerated. It is understood that everyone is responsible, even legally, the content that publishes and opinions that expresses.
    • Contents and comments must be relevant to SFERA’s business.
    • Who presents data, news or opinions on specific facts or issues is invited to propose well-founded and not specious arguments and to refer to reliable and verifiable sources.
    • Published content must always respect the privacy of individuals. References to facts or details without public relevance and that damage the personal sphere of third parties must be avoided.
    • No advertising, spamming or promotion of private interests or lawful or unlawful activities is allowed.
    • Content that violates copyright or unauthorized use of trademarks is not allowed.

    In all cases, will be removed, where possible, all posts, comments, or audio/video materials that:

    • Use inappropriate language and/or a threatening, violent, vulgar or offensive tone;
    • Present unlawful content or incitement to commit unlawful activities;
    • Have the purpose of promoting products and services;
    • disclose, directly or indirectly, personal data and information (names, email addresses, telephone numbers, tax identification numbers, bank account numbers, addresses, protocol numbers of documents or files, videos or photos of recognizable persons, etc.) or which in any way may cause damage or damage the privacy or reputation of those concerned;
    • Report, directly or indirectly, information relating to minors;
    • Have discriminatory content based on gender, race, ethnicity, language, religious beliefs, political opinions, sexual orientation, age, personal and social conditions, or health;
    • Have spam purpose
    • Promote or support lawful or unlawful activities, copyright infringement, or misuse of a registered trademark;
    • In general, are not consistent with SFERA’s communication purposes and with the communication contents of its social profiles (off topic).

    In general, the direct response to mentions, messages or comments is not guaranteed, and it is specified that there are no minimum or maximum response times. The staff will respond to comments and messages or intervene in discussions only when it considers the usefulness in terms of correct information to the public and evaluated the correctness and adequacy of the communication style adopted by the user.

    Who follows a SFERA social media channel is not automatically followed.

    If SFERA follows the accounts of other users, makes friends with them, or includes them in its lists of interest, or comments contents of other users and/or attributes them “likes”, this does not imply that SFERA shares the line of thought of the users concerned or approves all the contents published by them.

    The processing of users’ personal data complies with the policies in use on the platforms used. Personal or sensitive data included in public comments or posts within SFERA’s social media channels may be removed.Data shared by users through private messages sent directly to channel managers will be treated in compliance with current legislation on the protection of personal data and the Information on the processing of personal data: Privacy Policy