Accountant trainee

Marcello Mularoni

Accountant trainee – “Labor consulting – payrolls processing” sector

Twenty-four years old and a lot of spirit of sacrifice. He is the youngest member of the team; he is eager to learn and with a great passion for the future work as a chartered accountant. 

The areas where he mainly carries out the activity are:

  • Assistance and consulting in labour matters.
  • Tax assistance and consultancy, including the compilation and presentation of tax returns for     individuals and legal entities.
  • Administrative assistance and consultancy including ordinary accounting.
  • Assistance and consultancy for the preparation of financial statements draft and explanatory notes and presentation practice of civil balance sheet and annexes.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business economics, University of Bologna, Rimini Campus
  • Master’s degree in economics and commerce, University of Bologna, Forlì Campus