Contabilità, Bilancio e dichiarazione dei redditi

Junior Consultant

Lucia Bartoli

Administrative employee – “Accounting, financial statements and tax return “sector.

Lucia graduated at the Technical Commercial Institute “P. Gobetti” of Morciano di Romagna in 2004 with a final vote of 72/100.

After graduating from high school she decided to enter immediately into the world of work.

In the same year, she started working as an administrative employee (initially as an apprentice) at “Studio Commerciale Rossini-Ricci” in Mercatino Conca (PU) where she worked for 4 years and expanded her professional knowledge dealing primarily with ordinary and simplified accounting.

In 2008, wishing to increase her knowledge in the working environment, she decided to undertake a new path at “Studio Bizzocchi” in Borgo Maggiore (San Marino), dealing with ordinary and simplified accounting, closing of financial statements, company tax returns and submissions to the tax office.

In 2012 Lucia was offered the opportunity to join the group “Erba Vita S.p.a.” looking for an administrative figure. She begins a new experience where, immediately gaining the trust of the owners, she was given a role of responsibility in the management of the Administration dealing with the accounting of the group “Erba Vita S.p.A (including Erba Vita Italia S.p.a.)” and preparation of Consolidated Financial Statements.

In 2014, after the end of her experience in “Erba Vita S.p.a.” Lucia joins the family of “Studio Milva Guidi” where she rediscovers the environment of the Chartered Accountants Studio and understands that this will be her way.

Within the Studio Lucia is mainly responsible for accounting (ordinary and simplified), closing financial statements, company declarations and presentations to the Tax Office.

Some of the areas where she mainly works and is specialized include:

  • Ordinary and simplified accounting
  • Closure of company financial statements
  • Tax returns
  • Presentation of import and export invoices to the Tax Office

Graduation “I.T.C. P.GOBETTI” of Morciano di Romagna with final vote of 72/100, obtained it in 2004.