Contabilità, Bilancio e dichiarazione dei redditi corporate

Senior Consultant

Erica Montironi

Administrative employee – accounting, Financial Statements, Corporate Tax Return” sector

After the degree in Economics and commerce in 1998, she undertook the internship at Studio Ferruccini – Rimini with Ph.D. Girolomini Marianna. At the same time, she attended a two-year course in Forlì to prepare the State Examination for the profession of Accountant. From November 1999 to September 2007, she worked as a collaborator/employee at “Studio Commerciale Associato of Dogana” (RSM) and from October 2007 continued working with Studio Cecchetti Albani & Associati until 2021.

The areas where she mainly conducts her activity and has specialized include:

  • Administrative consulting
  • Consulting for the preparation of financial statements draft and explanatory notes and presentation practice of civil balance sheet and annexes
  • Assistance, tax conulting including the compilation and presentation of tax returns.
  • Accounting graduation at R. Valturio Institute of Rimini
  • Five-year degree (old system) in Economics and Business, University of Bologna
  • Two-year course in preparation for the State examination for the profession of Chartered Accountant at the University of Forli