Contabilità, Bilancio e dichiarazione dei redditi

Junior Consultant

Elisa Cervellini

Administrative employee – Accounting, Financial Statements, Tax Return” sector

In 1999 Elisa started her working experience at the Financial and Fiduciary Company IFIS – Istituto Finanziario Sammarinese s.a., later IFIS Investment Advisor S.p.A. and Innovation Find Solutions S.p.A., conducting the following tasks:

  • Administration, accounting, and preparation of financial statements
  • Relations with the Board of Auditors, the Auditing Company and San Marino Central Bank 
  • Elaboration of the procedures for the Reports foreseen by the Surveillance Division of the Central Bank of San Marino and by the Financial Intelligence Agency – AIF
  • Anti-Money Laundering Manager (since 2010)

In 2017, following the decision of IFIS members to put the Company into liquidation given the delicate moment that the financial and banking sector was going through, Elisa decided to continue her work experience at Studio Commerciale Piattelli, where she performed administrative, accounting and front-office receptionist tasks

In 2019, after the decision to end her relationship with Studio Piattelli, Elisa started working at “Studio Commerciale Milva Guidi” with administrative and accounting duties.

  • Accounting graduation at Institute “ITC Rino Molari” in Santarcangelo di Romagna with 48/60 vote
  • Training courses organized by AIF San Marino on Anti-money laundering and reporting of suspicious transactions
  • Training organized by the Foundation of Accountants of San Marino on the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations of San Marino compared to the Italian Regulations and on the reporting of suspicious transactions